Group/School Membership

Group/School Membership

Group / School Membership.

We encourage groups including Preschools, Primary and Secondary Schools to join Cavan Library Service to avail of the wealth of resources we have on offer.  See our School Services section to find out about more.           

How do I join a group/school?

A representative for the group or teacher in a school can join in person at your local library.  To prepare in advance you can download, print and fill in the group registration form.

By signing the group registration form the representative /teacher is agreeing to take full responsibility for all items borrowed.   Teachers will also be asked for their form to be co-signed by their School Principal.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to join and  there is no charge for overdue books! 

What can I borrow?

Groups/schools can borrow up to 40 items including DVDs for three weeks and reserve up to 12 items.  

What are the rules?

There are specific rules for groups/school membership.  Please read the Cavan County Library's Group/School Rules and Regulations

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