Family History Resources

Family History Resources

Family History Resources

This section provides you with a comprehensive listing of the Genealogy resources available in our Local Studies Collection. There are also links to online content provided, where available.





Hard Copy



Legal records listing the names of the principal people living in the various districts. Lurgan parish fiants edited by Dr O'Connell are in the Briefny Antiquarian Society Journal (B.A.S). Vol 1. and Crosserlough Parish also by Dr O'Connell are in B.A.S. Vol 2.


Book of Survey and Distribution


These records show land owned in 1641 and who after forfeiture, owned it under the Cromwellian Act of Settlement. Edited articles also available in B.A.S Journal Vol 1-3 on Killinkere, Crosserlough, Munterconnaght, Castlerahan, Lurgan & Virginia Parishes

Hearth Money Rolls


A list of those who paid two shillings per hearth under the Hearth Money Act of 1662. They are important in being the only official, though incomplete, census prior to 1821. Edited articles include Parishes of Killeshandra, Kildallan, Templeport, Tomregan and Killinagh are in the Briefne Journal 1960. Killinkere, Lurgan and Mullagh are in B.A.S Journal, Vol 1. Castlerahan and Munterconnaght are in B.A.S Journal, Vol 2. Crosserlough is in B.A.S Journal, Vol, 3.

Poll Book for Cavan


A list of the 1137 freeholders who had two votes at a County Court held in Cavan to elect knights to represent the county at a parliament held in Dublin on 19 May 1761


Religious Census


Instituted by the House of Lords, these returns were taken by the incumbent of each parish who listed the heads of householders. Breifne Journal 1961. See Guide to the Breifne Journal.


Census of population


Most of these returns were destroyed in the Public Records Office in 1922. However, we hold micofilm copies of the following Parishes: Castletara, Denn, Crosserlough, Drumlummon, Annagelliffe, Ballymachugh, Castlerahan, Drung, Kilbride, Kinwaley (Cavan's portion), Laragh, Lurgan, Lavey, Mullagh, Munterconnaght and Kilmore. Click on our census 1821 index.


Tithe Applotment Books


A pre-famine valuation showing the occupiers of land in all the rural parishes, acreage and quality of the holding and the amount of tithes payable to the Church of Ireland. View our index in pdf (2.11mb).


Registry of Freeholders


This was compiled and printed in Cavan Town, giving the name of landlord with the place and date of registry


Lists of Arms Registered


A register compiled by order of the Grand Jury illustrates the arms registered to people in each barony in County Cavan


Census of population


All that survives for Cavan is the returns for Killeshandra Parish. An edited version is held in the Breifne Journal 1976 (Guide to the Breifne Journal ) or click on our census index for 1841 .


Griffiths Valuation


This project was undertaken by government order after the Poor Law Act of 1838 to determine the amount of tax each tenant should pay towards the support of the Poor Law Unions. It lists the townlands and occupiers, the immediate lessors, a description of tenement, area of the holding and the total rateable annual valuation of land and buildings. Go to the Griffiths Valuation website.


Landowners of Ireland


This is an alphabetical list of the owners of estates of 500 acres or more.


Tenants in Barony of Clankee


This document provides the name of each tenant, the quality of the land and yearly rent, the tenure of each tenant, the right of way and other easements.


Dogs Regulations Act


A list of persons who took out dog licenses.


Census of population


A complete return for the county which lists all members of the family, giving religion, age, occupation, marital status, county of birth and standards of education. View online at the National Archives website

Census of population


A complete return for the county which lists all members of the family, giving religion, age, occupation, marital status, county of birth and standards of education. View online at the National Archives website

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