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We are delighted to provide access to an extensive FREE Online Library Service which provides eBooks, eAudiobooks, digital magazines and international newspapers, online courses and language learning. 

Registration is easy and fast with your library card number and four digit PIN.

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Download bestselling eBooks & eAudiobooks for free! From 1 May you can also access eMagazines and digital newpapers via BorrowBox!!

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Libby - Discontinued

From 1 May eMagazines will not be available via Libby. This service is now provided free via BorrowBox.

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Pressreader - Discontinued

From 1 May digital newspapers will not be available via Pressreader. This service is now provided free via BorrowBox.

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Universal Class

Learn something new with our range of over 500 online courses

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Transparent Language

Online language tool for learners at all levels.