Guide to the Archives

Guide to the Archives

We take care of Historical Documents and Records Management.....


How to arrange a visit 

You can research our collections in the reading room of the archives service which is located at Johnston Central Library in Cavan Town.

There is no charge for using our archives service. However, we can only offer limited hours at present and this is also subject to library staff availability. You must make an appointment well in advance.

Our collections

All archives are open to public access. The service collects archives which relate to County Cavan from both public and private sources.

Public sources 

Public sources include current and now dissolved local government bodies in Cavan such as Cavan County or Town Councils, Corporation, Rural and Urban District Council.
The earliest documents date from the mid-seventeenth century. The collective impact of these archives is to document the development of the county and to record the interaction between local government and the county’s citizens. Local authorities have always been responsible for the provision of a wide range of services to the citizens they serve and collections can be surprisingly rich.

Private sources

Archives are collected from private sources such as schools, societies, hospitals and businesses. 

Discover more about the Collections 

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