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Primary School Service

Primary School Services

Our Primary School's Service strives to ensure that every child in Cavan has access to the very best of children’s literature.  We endeavour to bring joy of reading to classrooms across the county.

We welcome all primary schools to avail of the wide variety of services we offer. Our libraries are packed with award-winning materials designed to sow and cultivate the reading seed in our younger members.

Lending to Primary School Classes

Primary Schools can register their teachers to borrow books from any library in Cavan.  Teachers can register for this service by calling into their local library or register online and validate their membership in library.  School Principals will be contacted to verify that they accept responsibility for this registration and for any items borrowed and teachers must agree to abide by our Rules and Regulations for Group Membership.

Teachers can borrow up to 40 books for their class group for 4 weeks. This can be from any section in our libraries and is at the discretion of class teachers.  Staff will always be on hand to help and recommend titles and series to teachers.  

Teachers can also borrow an additional 20 books of a single title for shared reading from our Class Novel Collection and Easy Reads Collection. 

Class Visits

Class visits are an invaluable experience for children and are the cornerstone of our Primary School Service. Primary Schools can make arrangements for a class visit to Johnston Central Library, Bailieborough Library or Cootehill Library where children can make their own choice of book to bring back to the classroom.   In addition to choosing up to 40 books to bring back to class, a visit to the library can include

  • A guided tour of the library including the areas in the Juvenile sections of our libraries.  
  • A 'chat' with the librarian in charge.  We enjoy engaging with children, promoting reading/library membership and helping children to find the perfect book for them!
  • Storytime! Our staff love to gather children around for a story after they have chosen their books.  Dependent on staff availability.
  • An activity.  On occasion staff may be able to arrange a quiz or the class can visit an exhibition on show.  Dependent on staff availability.

To arrange a Class Visit contact Johnston Central Library, Bailieborough Library or Cootehill Library.  Preferably this should be done at the start of the school term in September but schools can make contact at any time through the school year to arrange a visit and we will try our best to accommodate.

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