Faith, Hard Work and Endurance – Jonathan Smyth

Faith, Hard Work and Endurance


Jonathan Smyth selects tales from people who left Cavan and made good, and only occasionally made bad. The book revisited articles which Jonathan had published in the local “Anglo Celt” and collected many into a new book titled, Faith, Hard Work and Endurance: Selected Tales from the Cavan Diaspora.

The 104 characters in the collection include military figures, clerics, writers, entrepreneurs, politicians, sports figures and campaigners.

You can check out the launch of the book which coincided with the 5 day event “Cavan Calling” at our Cavan YouTube Channel.  The Anglo Celt featured the launch - Jonathan contributes to a weekly column which is where many of the stories had been featured previously.  Local radio station Northern Sound featured Jonathan talking about nurturing these stories into a finished publication.

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