Conservation project at Rath Church

Creative Cavan 2023 were excited to support Killeshandra Tidy Towns in their community conservation project at Rath Church.  Led by skilled craft people from . this architectural conservation also included educational interaction, practical demonstrations and public engagement with local people and over 80 local children.

“It was fascinating to see the work that is going on and to meet those working on the wall. We look forward to keeping an eye on progress, and visiting again in the future.”

“We never knew what lay behind these walls ,we definitely come back to study”  

The range of projects delivered emphasised the historic nature of the continued wall maintenance using medieval techniques and was intergenerational involving younger and older people from the community.  Delivery included a youth project demonstrating brickmaking using local clay which allowed an understanding of the techniques used to maintain the wall maintenance.  An overview of the history of the church highlighted the skilled craftsmanship which allowed the creation of such a valued building.

We are very pleased with what has been achieved under various projects. Now the Rath Church is open to the public, and people wander in and explore, locals, visitors seeking to trace their ancestors, tourists, ‘graveyard tourists’. It has been the centre of events for Heritage Weeks in recent years, and various pageants have brought the past to life. These pageants, lectures and music sessions have been very enjoyable and enlightening; great social occasion.” 

This project is funded by Creative Ireland and Cavan County Council through Creative Cavan.