A Feast of Cavan Folk – The Cottage Market

A Feast of Cavan Folk – The Cottage Market


"Well done on this great event. Family fun, great food and a humorous play with an important message.  Well done!"

The comedy drama performance delved into the intricacies of our food systems and its role in climate change. Its mission was to underscore the significance of promoting local food and driving a shift in our dietary choices. The inspiration for this performance sprang from the continuous efforts of The Cottage Market Cavan's "The Local Green Box Cavan" initiative, which champions locally-sourced food."

The drama saw husband and wife Jimmy and Bridie decide “things have to change around here” embracing making changes to their lifestyle choices for the better. Local humour ensured that the duo’s journey to change engaged the audience, both young and old to evaluate own lifestyle choices.

"Such a brilliant event.  I loved it and kids had a ball.  Amazing to have all these cultural activities in our local area, especially mid week.  Both my kids came away with new interests - one for candle making and one for drama.  Looking forward to the next one."

This project is funded by Creative Ireland and Cavan County Council through Creative Cavan.

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