'Orwin and Sebana' - Kim Gaffney Art


As a young child Kim Gaffney used to look out on the lake and wonder what magic lay on the islands.  She now shares this wonder with the public through her work. 

The art and the story Kim went on, celebrating and bringing to life a once little known ancient love story of Orwin and Sebana,  is captured in this beautiful artbook.

This art book includes a foreword by the acclaimed writer and speaker Michael Harding, an authors introduction into the process and journey this quest has taken her on, and extracts of Phil O’Connell's poem alongside the artists paintings. It is a book to enjoy and to ponder, to stop and reflect, and be transported back to the time and the legend of "Orwin and Sebana".

"l am thrilled for Kim and her family and for the wider community to see The Story of Orwin and Sebana cherished and embedded into our lrish folklore stories".

This project is funded by Creative Ireland and Cavan County Council through Creative Cavan.