'No more time' – The Hacklers Drama Group


The Hacklers delivered a dramatic presentation of poems which stress the underlying connections within and between the natural world and humankind.  By incorporating  masks, costumes, narratives, sound, video, music, and paintings Hackers brought to life the poems of Greg Delanty “No more time”.

 Anglo Celt described the project as a verse for troubled times applauding the Hacklers on their continued drama delivery.

In No More Time, Greg Delanty offers a celebration of the natural environment that also bemoans its mistreatment at the hands of humans.   One of the participants describes the experience:

"Loved the opportunity to learn and love poetry again.  Loved the theme and the subject matter and am woke to a better understanding of climate change."

This project is funded by Creative Ireland and Cavan County Council through Creative Cavan.