Cavan Biography

Cavan Biography

Our aim is to highlight the significant contribution made by Cavan people to the written history, literature, and culture of the county, and further afield, and to provide researchers with a deeper understanding of their impact.
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Thomas J. Barron

Barron had a lifelong interest in St Brigid and conducted much research into the famous tricephallic (three faced) stone head known as the Corleck Head ...

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William Bedell

The 17th century Bishop of Kilmore and Ardagh encouraged the use of the Irish language and commissioned the translation of the Bible into the Irish language

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Henry Brooke

Mullagh parodist and writer, author of 'The Fool of Quality'

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Shan F Bullock

Fermanagh-born author of ‘The Loughsiders’

Shane Connaughton thumbnail image

Shane Connaughton

Kingscourt-born author of 'A Border Station', 'Married Quarters' and co-screenwriter of 'My Left Foot'. He came to prominence in 1980 when he co-wrote with James Kennaway, the screen play for the Academy Award winning, ‘The Dollar Bottom’ ...

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Patrick Donahoe

Born near Cavan Town in 1811, Donahoe became a Boston-based publisher and set up ‘The Emigrant Savings Bank’ which helped many Irish emigrants who came to the United States ...

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Charlotte Brooke

Mullagh author and noted translator, known for ‘The Reliques of Irish Poetry'

Fr Peter Finlay, SJ thumbnail image

Fr Peter Finlay, SJ

Noted Catholic theologian and Bakers Bridge native

Fr Thomas A Finlay, SJ thumbnail image

Fr Thomas A Finlay, SJ

Noted intellectual, academic, and Senator, with Killeshandra links

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Michael Harding

Michael Harding was born in 1953 in Cavan, and is an Irish short story writer, newspaper columnist, novelist and playwright.

Dermot Healy thumbnail image

Dermot Healy

Dermot Healy (1947-2014), novelist, poet, memoirist and playwright ...

Agnes O'Farrelly thumbnail image

Agnes O'Farrelly

Agnes O'Farrelly (1874-1951), was a lecturer in Modern Irish at UCD and in 1914, she presided at the inaugural meeting of Cumann na mBan ...

Francis Sheehy Skeffington thumbnail image

Francis Sheehy Skeffington

Unconventional by nature, Skeffington refused to shave, wore knickerbockers, long socks, and as a vociferous proponent of rights for women, he wore a badge that read ‘Votes for Women’ ...

Robert Vincent Walker thumbnail image

Robert Vincent Walker

Robert Vincent Walker was a mathematical scholar with a particular interest in Irish place names ...

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Anthony C. West

Sean O’Faolain said of West, 'we must hold our breath in the presence of one of the most tremblingly sensitive imaginations ...'