Library Events


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Library events space

We can provide library events spaces in our Johnston Central, Bailieborough, Cootehill and Belturbet Branches to support the role of the library service in the community.

All activities taking place in library events spaces must compliment the role of Cavan library service.

Application to use any of our library events spaces must be made on the official forms and must be in line with our policy.

How do I apply to use a library events space?

Take the following steps:

Step 1
Please read and make sure that you understand our library events space policy

Step 2
Please print Form A - Application for use for meetings and events 


Please print Form B - Application for exhibitions 

Click here to access our Policy and Application Forms

Step 3
Complete the form and send it into us. If you require any further information please see Find a Library and get in touch with the Library which you would like to use for your event.