12 Poems at 12.00pm with Heather Brett


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Introduction to Time to Listen' 12 Poems at 12.00pm by Heather Brett

I was delighted to be asked to read for Poetry Day Ireland 2020 by Cavan Library Service. What a strange time we are living in. I am sure this historic pandemic will also offer us some amazing poetry and creative works in the not too distant future.

My choice of poems for this reading was simply a personal one, poems I thought the audience would enjoy as well as poems I enjoyed writing. They are a mixture of old poems from 1985 right through until Contract in 2018.

Woolgathering is very much an identity poem - I did and still do see Northerners as having a much different temperament to people living in the South of Ireland. The Northerners are a tight-lipped, suspicious people in contrast to the gregarious nature of Southerners. I have been part of both and glad too of the fodder for the creativity it offers me.

'Roots' gave me the space to dream in and was very much influenced by Kavanagh.

Some are Annaghmakerrig poems where I lived for 3 years, and truly became a poet, realising the power words had and the spell of committing something felt to the page.

The poems Daughter and Bankrupt talk intimately of the death of my daughter Kelly and of my son Greg. 'Contract' is a poem about growing old...I am over 60 now and quite love the idea that though less might be expected of us, we strive mightily and continuously to prove the audience wrong.

'In Loreto wood' is quite recent and fanciful, written on a night when the rain pours and the demon winds howl. And I finish with Love Song, a favourite simple poem written 20 years and set to music once by John Mc Breen, late of Ballyjamesduff.

In the end that's all there is, and time, time will just waste away.

Thank you.

Heather Brett